Bdellium Tools Bambu Review : Eyes

I fell in love with Bdellium (the “B” is silent) Tools at the NY Make Up Show a few years ago. As a professional make up artist, I need brushes that will last and will give me consistent applications every time and as a dedicated cruelty free tree hugging artist, I need vegan fibers and sustainable materials! So here is my Bdellium Tools Eyes Only review.

I love Bdellium’s Bambu collection (made with sustainable bamboo and with recyclable aluminum ferrules) because I’ve been using them daily both professionally and personally for 3 years now and I’ve NEVER had any issues with shedding or brushes breaking down and getting fuzzy or sticky.

The Green and Yellow Bambu lines have a shorter, thicker travel size-ish handle which I actually appreciate for grip on certain blending brushes (I’m arthritic in both hands, so this matters to me!).  The newest addition to the collection, the Pink Bambu brushes, debuted at IMATS 2013.  The Pink Bambu line features the same super soft luxurious synthetic fibers, but with a thinner, full length handle.

Bdellium has all of the standards you need for eye brushes (large shadow, crease, small shadow, liner, spoolie, etc) but there are a few stand outs that I’d like to highlight:

#708 Bent Eyeliner, fellow Amateur Coffee Drinkers, this is for us.  I don’t drink a lot of the stuff, but when I do it gives me a little bit of the twitch and can make banging out a precise and clean line a bit of a trial.  I keep at least 4 of these babies on me at all times for those occasional days when I need a precision check or a quick line.

#731 (Studio line) is the much beloved Mascara Fan, which is a staple for my friends celebrity makeup artists and educators Cory Bishop of Stila and and fellow brow maven Alex LaMarsh.

I don’t use the #763 Bambu Angled Brow for eyebrows because I find it too soft for stippling and packing in powder, so I use it for lips instead  and do brows with an art brush.  (As a lip brush, however, this gets top ratings from yours truly.) I’ve actually used the #714  for brows a few times to pack pigment and then feather up and out for a strong brow, and find that I actually rather like this brush for brows.  I suggest you try it for yourself!

#787 Duet Fiber Large is one of my favorite brushes, and you will pry it out of my cold dead hand if you want to borrow it on set, thankyouverymuch.  I use this handy blending brush not just for eyes but for placing and blending details like highlighting powders.  Get one.

the 787 (Bring that back, I’m watching you.)

As previously mentioned, I am not paid in exchange for my reviews–they are based solely on my experience with and use of a product.  So if you’re ever looking for “a good reasonably priced professional brush for ____”, chances are my answer will be “Try Bdellium Tools.”

They offer an Eyes Only set online for $58.50, definitely worth checking out if you’re building your kit or need to add to your steady rotation of reliable every day brushes for pro or personal use.



Brushes included in this set:

#787P Duet Fiber Large Tapered Blending
#781P Crease
#777P Shadow
#776P Blending
#769P Angled Contour
#766P Angled Shadow
#760P Liner/Brow
#733P Lash
#722P Comb/Brow
#710P Eye Liner