Ruffled Blog Feature: Hair Styling for Central Park Bridal Shoot

I am thrilled to share my hairstyling work for this Central Park bridal shoot featured over on Ruffled! Texture is one of the most important design elements I consider during a bridal consultation. The current trend of more relaxed, lived-in hair isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and as a hairstylist I couldn’t be happier.  These dreamy do’s please the eye by creating movement and interesting interplay of light and shadow. Continue reading “Ruffled Blog Feature: Hair Styling for Central Park Bridal Shoot”

The Best Pro Quality Gluten Free Makeup

As a dedicated cruelty free Artist, I spend a lot of time researching lines and products that are truly professional quality to my standard, which encompasses performance, animal friendly status, and good ingredients in order to met my standard of usability. Being in New York City there is an incredibly wide variety in my clientele, so I try to cover all of my bases by stocking my kit with eco friendly, natural based, and/or gluten free makeup. Continue reading “The Best Pro Quality Gluten Free Makeup”

Featured on Junebug Weddings: Meatpacking District Engagement Shoot

This beautiful editorial engagement shoot was set in the Meatpacking District and features a very stylish couple! Congratulations Becca and Matt, and thanks for letting me be a part of your shoot! You can see the entire post over at Junebug Weddings . All of the images courtesy of Still55 Photography based in St. Augustine, FL. Check them out!



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Tutorial: How To Do a Faux Bob

Check out this new tutorial on How To Do a Faux Bob, the latest in my partnership with Storyboard Wedding.

You’ve got gorgeous long lush hair but wearing it all down isn’t in the cards.  Whipping it up into a full on updo isn’t really your thing either, so where do you go from there?  A haircut is out of the question as you’re not looking for that kind of permanent decision–so now what?  Ladies I present to you one of my ultimate favorite answers to the age old question, what do I do with my hair…the Faux Bob!

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The Best Cruelty Free Drugstore Eyeliner

Good cruelty free drugstore makeup can be a pretty steep demand, but my recent happy find turned out to be the best cruelty free drugstore eyeliner: Milani Eye Tech Perfection Liquid eyeliner. This eyeliner’s ergonomic grip design that has been sported by several other brands including Sephora is no coincidence; this packaging design comes from one German company that makes a great deal of the same eye and lip products you already use or recognize easily by a wide variety of brands from NYX to MAC.

Retails: $8, self purchased at CVS

MilaniEYE TECH Perfection-Liner-Black

Still you pick up an item at the drugstore and you think “Hmmmmm this is only $8…is it worth it to try or is it going to be a waste?” Well, I feel bold when I have a $5 Beauty Rewards coupon from CVS and the product in question is only $8 retail to begin with. At that point, if I hate the thing I can use it to cover nicks on a black shoe in a pinch, who cares?

What is this product’s claim to fame? “Smooth sailing all the way…”

I bought it, used it, LOVED it. From Milani’s website:

The technical term for the unusual shape of this liner is “ergonomic.” But we have other ways of describing it. (”Feels great.” “Fits like a glove.” “Changes your life.”) If you’ve ever struggled with liquid before – ever had it skip or smear – you’ll be amazed at how much more control you have in this super smartly designed felt-tip tool. Not to mention the non-feathering, water-resistant formula. Smooth sailing, all the way. Available in the Richest, Deepest Black.

I say YES to all of these things and this really is the best cruelty free drugstore eyeliner around! Even as a pro liquid liner can sometimes be slightly less than cooperative when you have a client with twitchy eye, or if you’re still sleepy starting a wedding before dawn. One of the best things about this bomb ass super inexpensive cruelty free drugstore eyeliner is that the application is very smooth and very black on the first pass. Layering over a liquid application too many times to darken the color will make it flaky and when using black it’s because you want a bold, sharp, and dark as night line, so why mess with a product that can only deliver when coaxed?

Bunk or Buy: BUY!!!! There is nothing I don’t like about this applicator and formula. Milani really hit it out of the park with this water resistant, smooth, precise black eyeliner and I highly suggest you pick one up.

The Problem With Beauty Bloggers

A few weeks ago, fellow Professional Makeup Artist and Beauty Blogger Sonia Roselli submitted her (awesome) blog Glossible for affiliate  linking consideration. She was rejected despite good content and 20 years of experience behind it because her social media presence was not flashy enough. What resulted was a huge controversy in the beauty blogging world, an epic “revenge post” that fueled the fire even more, and one unexpectedly viral quote from yours truly making the rounds on social media. So here is…The Problem With Beauty Bloggers.

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Review of EYES by ToGo Spa: Best Cruelty Free Product for Undereye Circles

Ragweed. Your precious little one who hasn’t quite gotten the hang of sleeping through the night yet. Last night’s bachelorette party. Game of Thrones. Your best friend’s cat that insists on rubbing against any personal belonging of yours within reach despite the fact that felines make you sneeze. There are 100s of reasons why you may be suffering from tired, puffy, or irritated eyes and many ways to treat them. One option I recently came across in my professional beauty practice is EYES by ToGo Spa. Is this a godsend for your dark circles and swollen allergy eyes? More after the jump…

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