Review: Essie Sleek Stick Nail Decals

Essie Sleek Stick UV Cured  Nail Decals: all of those words together sound like they should make for an amazing product, right? Wrong. I had really high hopes for these nail decals because everything else by Essie is so fabulous. For $10.49 retail at my local CVS there were several textured options, and I settled on the Croc Madame crocodile textured decals in mint green. {SWOON} croc-madame-prodshot   This is where the love affair ended. I am well versed in nail decals; as a beauty professional, I always have to look my best as a representation of my skills and business which includes keeping my hands looking not only neat and tidy, but also fashion forward and stylish–especially since they wind up in many Clients’ wedding pictures! Nail decals are a go to option for me, since they are long lasting, chip resistant, and easy to change so I go through my fair share of them. I have seen this Essie product (specifically this print) look amazing on other people. [img source] crocmadameloveinthemoment     On me, they were a sad, ill sized mess. My pinky and middle fingers fit perfectly, the ring fingernail was OK from a trimmed down half thumb piece, but the fit of the largest piece on my actual thumb was oddly small and left a gap on the side. I was able to stretch the decal a bit to get it to cover in each instance where I had a gap, but it gave me puckering along the edge and didn’t look good or feel terribly secure. Any puckering or lifting is a deal breaker for me as a Hairstylist because of the potential for a Client’s hair to stick to the adhesive. Essie Collage   These could probably benefit from some heat application with a blow dryer to soften them for better application especially with the heavily textured top and the shortage of pieces large enough to cover completely but since the instructions don’t call for heat, I’m going to wish for better design in terms of their material as well as better sizing. Bunk or Buy? BUNK!