Beauty Academy

Enjoy individual attention and the benefit of hands on practical knowledge from a real Beauty Professional instead of relying on YouTube tutorials!

Beauty Academy is a series of individual services and packages designed to help you get the most out of your beauty-full life by helping you master the art and technique of beauty practice from blow drying your hair to finding you perfect foundation shade, or making the switch to cruelty free products.

Each service can be customized to meet each client’s individual needs and level of experience.

Blow Dry Bootcamp- $175 : Tired of spending  small fortune on blow dries for special events, or are you bummed out you can’t rock that salon perfect blow dry every day of the week? Let me teach you how to get the perfect salon quality blow dry at home! This is the most comprehensive blow dry lesson you will find, because it starts with the very basics of hair to address your haircare routine and eliminate reasons why you can’t seem to get your coif to cooperate. The lesson begins by assessing your hair type and condition, and then a review of your product usage to help find the best shampoo, conditioner, and styling aids to help you tame your frizz factor or fatten up those skinny strands.  We will cover technique and proper styling products and equipment for every budget.

Brow Rehab– $100 : YOU THERE! Put. down. the tweezers. If the eyes are the window to the soul, don’t walk around with crooked curtains; a proper set of well shaped and groomed brows gives the entire face structure and helps to balance your features. Brow Maven Eden Di Bianco teaches you how to find and achieve the perfect brow shape for your face while working with the brows you already have. In Brow Rehab, you learn to execute and maintain your shape at home in between professional visits as a well as how to style your brows using the same products and techniques the pros use on the red carpet and the runway.

Makeup 101: How to Choose the Right Makeup – $275 : *This experience is the perfect gift for the special person in your life who is interested in makeup but doesn’t know what products to use. Great for a budding professional who wants to use makeup as a tool to put her best face forward, your teenaged niece, or for yourself! Makeup 101 is a 2 hour intensive complete with personalized notes and a trip to Sephora (or other appropriate venue) to shop the aisles and learn about different types of makeup products from formulations and colors to price points.

Topics covered include:

  • choosing appropriate primer and skincare
  • how to color match foundation
  • best formulas for your skin type/issues
  • what brushes and tools you need and what they do
  • how to shop smart for makeup and not overspend or wind up with a product that sits in a drawer
  • must have basics for every face and lifestyle

*If you are transgender and do not know where to start with makeup or would like more help, please contact me via email for a specialized quote and services. I believe beauty as an art is an outer expression of our greatest aspirations and most positive feelings from the inside, and everyone deserves to look as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside. It would be my honor and pleasure to help guide you through this process with a customized beauty experience. xo

Makeup 102: Brush Up – $150 : Learn about all the different types of beauty tools and how to use, choose, and care for them. Each lesson includes a complimentary makeup brush of your choice + brush cleaner .

Makeup 103: On Trend – $125 : You’ve got the basics down but you need a few on trend items to keep your makeup rotation fresh and relevant. For $125 + cost of products, I will curate and acquire entirely cruelty free and/or natural selections of all the hot ticket must have beauty items for the season in the appropriate colors and textures for your unique beauty needs and deliver them to your doorstep.

Looking & Feeling Good: Makeup Without Being Made Up – Priced hourly: You don’t have to be a glamourpuss dedicated to going out in a full face of  makeup to benefit from use of cosmetics. In a culture that is increasingly social media oriented, we are constantly challenged to put our best face forward while presenting ourselves, our businesses, and our ideas. This package is for Men and Women alike who want to utilize cosmetics to help them gain increased confidence and a more polished appearance while maintaining a low maintenance routine and conservative approach to appearance enhancement. Great for individuals who work in corporate settings.