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Hello, Beautiful & welcome to my blog!

I tend a very behind the scenes kind of artist, but I do contribute to several green living and lifestyle blogs like Girlie Girl Army , Organic Spa Magazine, Yoli’s Green Living, and more! After constant nudging from several blogger friends, I’ve decided to start my own blog section where I will answer questions I am frequently asked about skincare, makeup, and hair care, offer product reviews, and help you sort through the ingredient list of your favorite beauty products.

Keep a lookout for the Weekly Ingredient Knowledge Drop (WIKD) where I sort through the hype from beauty mags and special interests groups to let you know what’s REALLY in your products and if the results warrant the alarm or theprice tags.  Any opinions expressed are my own and will be based only on my personal experience with the product or ingredient in question in conjunction with review of accepted scientific review of the active ingredients in question.  I am dedicated to getting past both marketing and scare tactics, and will not be accepting any form of compensation in exchange for my reviews.

If you have any questions or types products you’d like me to review, you can contact me at

Thanks for reading!

Eden D.