Review: NYX Slim Lip Pencil

Former (or current) MAC lover?  Put down that “Spice” nude pencil immediately!  Not only are you buying a product from a line that is animal tested in China, but you are severely overpaying, my friends.  If you are a makeup snob and only want products made in Europe, you are in luck here!  The NYX Slim Lip Pencil is made in Germany by Schwan-Stabilo, which also makes MAC’s pencils–surprise!  I personally stock my kit with a lot of products from NYX, but the lip pencils have become sort of an obsession.


What colors does this product come in?– Every shade you could ever possibly need.  I’m serious.  There are over 50 shades to choose from!  My personal favorites are Peekaboo Neutral, Y2K, Ever, Tangerine, Hot Red, and Bloom.

Consistency?– Smooth & consistent glide, doesn’t tug or crumble.  Color goes on smoothly and stays on well, helps to contain feathering or bleeding from creamy lip colors and is a good base for long lasting lip color.

How much does this product retail for?– $3.50, available online through and in Ricky’s NYC and other beauty supply stores. They also have a pro program (though if you’re a professional mua you probably are already as obsessed with this line as I am.  Wanna trade color lists?)

What can you expect from this product? – Beautifully rich pigmented lip pencils that last and won’t break the budget; the wide selection of fashion forward shades and ridiculously low low price for such a good product make this a must have for any (*cruelty free) makeup lover.

Overall grade: A++

*This item is not vegan, as some shades do contain carmine and the base has beeswax in it.