Review: Dr. Hauschka Volume Mascara

Dr. Hauschka (which many natural skincare buffs are already familiar with) is a German based skin/bodycare and makeup brand whose philosophy focuses on achieving balanced skin based on the 28 day natural cycle of renewal. Dr. Hauschka’s color cosmetics and skin care are BDIH certified and do not contain parabens, petrochemicals, paraffin, synthetic fragrances or colors, ethoxylated ingredients, GMOs, or artificial preservatives and and do not participate in any animal testing. Now down to the nitty gritty after the jump.


What colors does it come in?– Black, Aubergine (deep plum), and Pearl Anthracite (grey)

Consistency?— Creamy and gentle to dry or brittle lashes; personally I find this product sometimes a little too creamy and in warm or moist weather with my oily skin, it can smudge or leave little deposits of color on my brow bone. In drier or colder seasons I find it works way better for me. I will also say that the Volume Mascara does have considerably better staying power than the regular Dr. Hauschka Mascara, which invariably travels somewhere it doesn’t belong, like onto my browbone or glasses. (A pity, really, because the regular mascara comes in the dreamiest blue! Maybe will attempt to set it with a light dusting of powder in between coats, will update on that soon as I try it.)

How much does this product retail for?— $29.95, available online through Dr. Hauschka, at Whole Foods, or at Perelandra Natural Foods in Brooklyn, where you can have it delivered to you at home with your grocery order! (in Brooklyn only.)

What can you expect from this product? –Well defined but soft lashes with reasonable volume. Helps somewhat with curl, but any curl doesn’t last long. I’d suggest using with a heated curler or pumping a few times with a manual curler before and after application. The Dr. Hauschka’s website is presently listing a new “Limited Edition” version of the Volume Mascara in Black with an improved brush for more volume & curl, but the rumor I heard is that they will most likely be making this iteration with the improved wand a permanent part of the collection and phasing out the original style. Stay tuned!

Overall grade: B-