Review: Kiss Nail Dress Decals

Nail art is all the rage right now, but not everyone has the time to sit in the salon and wait for all of these kooky add ons to dry and set. Decals have become a popular alternate option since they are easy to apply and change, and available pretty much anywhere, making them very accessible for those even in remote areas.  I’ve used Sally Hansen decals in the past, but since the parent company (Coty) has questionable practices regarding animal testing, I was eager to try nail decals by cruelty free brand KISS.


KISSbustierdecal KissNailDecals

What colors does this product come in?– Various sassy named shades with bright colors and fun prints, some also have rhinestones.  The styles sport names like Bustier, Garter, Corset, Peplum, Gown, Catsuit, Pushup, and Camisole .    I tried the Nail Dress decals in Bustier (the shiny gold leopard print shown above).

Consistency?– Peels off easily and applied without much fuss, however the sizing on the decals was bordering on unfortunate.  Some of the broader decals were too wide and the thinner ones were puny so I needed two of them to cover a single ring finger nail.  The overlap created a bit of a line and I had issues with peeling and adhesive getting stuck on a client’s hair!

How much does this product retail for?– $6.99, available at retailers like Target, Rite Aid, CVS, and Walgreens.

What can you expect from this product? – A lot more than it delivers.  I normally throw a coat of clear nail hardener over a nail decal to help seal the finish and make the decal last longer, and in this case I really needed it to hold the decal together and get it to cover my entire nail.  However, when I applied top coat to these decals, they began to pucker and shrivel!  Ack!  From beginning to end, these were a near disaster.

Bunk or Buy? –  BUNK! I really wanted to like these nail decals because I regularly destroy manicures between hair styling, makeup, housework, and gardening, but the sizing and wear of these did not have much longevity or a good finish.  The only real benefits were the ease of application/removal and the variety of prints.  Sally Hansen decals have been the standby for many and I was hoping the fun, flirty prints of these Kiss Nail Dress Decals would be the next best thing. No luck!

Overall grade: D