Eden – Smart, Funny, Witty, Experienced, and Awesome. If there was ever a super hero who was a make-up artist, she would be it!!!

From Kathleen’s review on Yelp:

My hair always falls flat when ever I had ever had it professionally styled in the past but this style lasted beyond my 5 + hours of dancing. I looked great in all of my photos, no glare or runny make up.
She also did my cousins’ hair who is very picky and pleased her as well!
She was wonderful, well mannered and very hygienic using a new mascara and lip gloss on me. All of her equipment was well kept and clean. All of her products are cruelty free, meaning no animals where harmed in the testing which also is very important to me. The make up she uses also isn’t full of heavy chemicals. I did not break out after a whole face of make up like I often do.

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