24 July 2014

Review: Essie Sleek Stick Nail Decals

Essie Sleek Stick UV Cured  Nail Decals: all of those words together sound like they should make for an amazing product, right?

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22 July 2014

“Eden is absolutely wonderful.”

I needed a makeup professional and decided to go with Ms. Di Bianco based on her excellent reviews. I was so happy I did.
Eden is absolutely wonderful. She was able to accommodate my hectic schedule on such short notice and delivered beyond expectations! Everyone kept commenting on how great I looked at my wedding reception, and what “staying power” my makeup had! Highly recommended!!!! EleniPYelp (Eleni’s review appears here on Yelp)

4 July 2014

“So glad to have gotten to know you!”

Thank you for making me a more beautiful bride than I could have imagined on my wedding day! So glad to have gotten to know you this past year!

Lots of love,


12 June 2014

Review of EYES by ToGo Spa: Best Cruelty Free Product for Undereye Circles

Ragweed. Your precious little one who hasn’t quite gotten the hang of sleeping through the night yet. Last night’s bachelorette party. Game of Thrones. Your best friend’s cat that insists on rubbing against any personal belonging of yours within reach despite the fact that felines make you sneeze. There are 100s of reasons why you may be suffering from tired, puffy, or irritated eyes and many ways to treat them. One option I recently came across in my professional beauty practice is EYES by ToGo Spa. Is this a godsend for your dark circles and swollen allergy eyes? More after the jump…

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12 June 2014

Green Wedding Makeup Trends 2014: Guest Post over at Green Bride Guide!

Every bride wants to look her best on her wedding day and many also relish in copying looks from the red carpet and the runway, especially in New York. Now you don’t have to spend a fortune or apply cosmetics loaded with toxic chemicals to recreate this season’s hottest looks for your Big Day. This week on Green Bride Guide I show brides how to mimic the style of stars like Lupita Nyong’o, Taylor Swift, and Jennifer Lopez the eco fabulous way with the best Green Wedding Makeup Trends 2014!

Contemporary bridal looks borrow heavily from high fashion and hot Hollywood starlets, and many of these of-the-moment celebrity style trends can easily be achieved using clean, green beauty products. Bridal Beauty Artist Eden Di Bianco shares her tips for translating these trends from walking down the runway or red carpet to walking down the aisle.

Trend: Orange lips

Seen on: The runway for Rag & Bone and People’s Most Beautiful Person of 2014 (Lupita Nyong’o).

orange lipstick on a bride inspired by Lupita Nyong'o

Image: Capital via www.asos.com and www.inspiredbythis.com

If you dare to be bold, go for a bright happy non-toxic orange lipstick such as Voila matte lipstick by Ilia ($26) or for a more subtle look, choose a soft coral like Bite Beauty’s High Pigment Pencil in Syrah, which is a peach toned matte nude. If you’re seeking a more moisture rich lip formula, try Coral Crush from Red Apple Lipstick which is gluten free, paraben free, and vegan ($23.50).

Click here to read more: 2014 Eco-Friendly Bridal Beauty Trends.

14 May 2014

12 Tips to Prepare Your Hair for Your Wedding

If you want a magnificent mane on your wedding day you should start preparing your hair about 6-8 months in advance following these 12 tips to prepare your hair for your wedding that I frequently offer to clients and friends. This simple and definitive list highlights what I consider to be my best and most practical tips for haircare based on my experience as a hairstylist and bridal beauty professional.

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30 April 2014

FAQs: Booking Eden Di Bianco for Your Wedding

I have serviced brides from all over the country as well as quite a few who found me all the way from Europe and Australia largely due to word of mouth referrals as well as my features on blogs such as Style Me Pretty, Rock n Roll Bride, Boho Weddings, Green Bride Guide, Carats & Cake, and Storyboard Wedding (for which I am the Beauty Editor).

Check out Astoria/LIC based Eden Di Bianco Beauty on Yelp

Here are some relevant FAQs about booking Eden Di Bianco & crew for your Wedding:

TRAVEL:  Eden Di Bianco is based in Astoria, Queens and travels within all of the NYC metro area including Westchester, Long Island, NJ, & beyond. Additional travel fees apply based on approximate travel time & distance.

SECURING YOUR DATE: For our mutual peace of mind, my team and I work by contract only.  The contract will be signed by the person booking services for a particular session and will specify the location, date, time, number of persons receiving beauty services, and what time each person will have reserved. Half of final cost of all contracted services due within 10 days of signing contract via PayPal, credit card, bank check, or cash. Services may be added to the contract with prior notice of a minimum of 10 days, however once the contract is signed, no services may be dropped. If a member of the wedding party drops out of the service agreement, all funds are forfeited and will not be returned; you  have the option of replacing this person with another member of your party or a guest.

Due to the possibility of schedule conflicts, additional makeup & hair services added after contract signing or changes made to the location, date, and time of event must be submitted in writing and agreed to by both parties at least 14 days before the wedding date.

GRATUITY: Gratuities are not included in pricing, and are left to the sole discretion of the client.  Tips are welcomed if you feel you have received excellent service.


Ideally we allow 40-45 minutes per service to ensure best quality work. Therefore, if you have a very short turnaround from start to ceremony or if you have a large party, I will need an additional Artist. This is typically necessary if more than 3 full hair & makeup services are booked.

Also included with every bridal booking…
Throughout your booking, I am available as your personal Bridal Beauty Consultant. I  am happy to answer provide email support for any questions you may have, from hair or skincare recommendations to advising on the best time to color or cut your hair before the wedding and what brow shape is right for you.  As we move along in our process and approach your Big Day, we will work together to plan your beauty services according to your photographer’s and/or wedding planner’s timeline to ensure your day runs smoothly.

WEDDING HAIR & MAKEUP PREVIEWS/TRIALS: Previews/Trials for hair and make up are strongly suggested.  Fees for the preview session are due on day of trial and are non refundable. *Trials are NOT conducted on Saturdays May-September,  which is peak season and is often already booked far in advance. Trial sessions are generally conducted during the week days and/or evenings/Sundays unless otherwise specified and agreed to.  Selective Saturday dates are available per booking availability.

Where will the trial/preview take place? Locals can visit my private studio space in Astoria, Queens near Ditmars. Sessions can be arranged at a location of your choosing (your residence, a nearby family member’s home, or your hotel), but additional travel fees will apply.

How long will it take? Up to 1.5 hours for a single service trial session, which means either getting your makeup done OR your hair done. ~2.5 hours for both hair AND makeup.  Have a bite to eat before you come in, so that you can relax and enjoy the process.

What are the fees for the preview session? Preview sessions are $250 for both hair and makeup, payable via Paypal, cash, or credit card. There are ATM locations for Citibank, Chase, and TD banks on 31st street between Ditmars Blvd and 23rd avenue if you need cash, as well as bodega/independent bank ATMs located on either corner of the street near my studio (subject to additional fees from your bank).

I thought I liked this look but it’s not for me. Can I try another?  Yes you can! But additional looks MUST BE IN THE SAME APPOINTMENT. Additional trials may incur additional fees. It is best to do some homework before you come in and gather a few inspiration photos. This will better help us create your perfect wedding day look.

What should I bring?  Bring all the relevant accessories if you have them.  This means: Veil, earrings, clips, combs, and if you plan on wearing fresh flowers in your hair for the wedding, silk replicas of the same general size so that we can decide on placement.

Is there something particular I should wear? Do I have to bring my dress? No, you don’t have to bring your dress, but having a picture of it is helpful.  Wear a top with a similar color & neckline to your wedding dress, like a tank top, with a hoodie or button down shirt over it so that you can see the overall look without having to pull a sweater over your head and mussing your hair.

Are there any special instructions regarding my hair?  Have clean and completely dry hair preferably in its natural state.  It is best washed the day before your preview session and left in its natural state so that its natural texture and movement can be observed.  If you wish to have curls or waves, please do not straighten your hair the day before unless previously discussed; hair that has been straightened will want to remain in that state and the curls will not hold the same way they would on your normal hair texture.

Is there special preparation for my face/skin? Yes!  Please exfoliate your skin and lips the night before with a gentle exfoliant.  If you do not have a scrub at home, you can use sugar in olive or coconut oil as a gentle exfoliant, or use your toothbrush to lightly exfoliate your lips.  Smoother skin leads to a better makeup finish. Freshly washed skin is also best, so just wash your face, moisturize, and come barefaced if possible. No SPF.

Can I bring someone with me? Sure. Feel free to bring your BFF or a family member who knows (and respects!) your sense of style well.  Please no more than one guest, as it slows down the process considerably and draws focus off of examining the hair and makeup properly.


24 April 2014

“My groom actually screamed like a little girl because he was so pleased with my look.”

Eden is a highly talented saint!

I hired her to do my hair and make-up for my wedding with a pretty good idea of what I wanted.  Little did I know that that vision would change three times because of groom opinions, jewelry decisions, and dress issues. She was patient, helpful with new ideas and accommodating each and every time. And the final product….just wow. My groom actually screamed like a little girl because he was so pleased with my look. I could not have done it without Eden 🙂 Kudos to you, girlfriend!

–Meredith (read her review on Yelp)


Visual evidence that the groom truly did scream like a little girl!

Visual evidence that the groom truly did scream like a little girl!













14 April 2014

“Thank you so much for all your help, your lovely spirit, and generous heart…”

Our wedding was magical… we are still floating on air!! Thank you so much for all your help, your lovely spirit, and generous heart. You made it such a special day.
It was such a glorious day from beginning to end, and I can’t imagine what it would have been like without you in charge of beauty! 🙂

The girls were so delighted with their looks, and I was glowing from within. THANK YOU!!!!

-Samantha A, Brooklyn

Check out Samantha’s review on Yelp and her wedding’s feature on Boho Weddings!

samantha and scott

25 March 2014

Alba Botanica Sunless Tanner Review

Alba Botanica is a vegetarian skincare brand that has been a staple in health food stores for a long time. Their sunblocks are very popular, but one item on the display recently caught my eye: a natural SELF TANNER.
Yes, please.
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