25 March 2014

Alba Botanica Sunless Tanner Review

Alba Botanica is a vegetarian skincare brand that has been a staple in health food stores for a long time. Their sunblocks are very popular, but one item on the display recently caught my eye: a natural SELF TANNER.
Yes, please.
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24 July 2013

WIKD: Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide, one of the top fifty “chemicals” produced worldwide.

On the label it is otherwise known as: 1385RN 59; 1700 WHITE; 234DA; 500HD; 63B1 WHITE; A 200 (PIGMENT) ; A 330 (PIGMENT) ; A-FIL; A-FIL CREAM; A-FN 3; AEROLYST 771

What is it? – A naturally ocurring mineral; the greatest covering and tinting powder of any white pigment used in nail, bath, and makeup products with white coloring; also used as an opacifier.

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