10 October 2013

Review: Red Apple Lipstick Gluten Free Lipgloss

Warning: fan girl level gushing about to happen.

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25 July 2013

A Few of My Favorite Things (Vol 1)

Merry Christmas in July!

This past year, as part of my partnership with Perelandra Natural Foods in Brooklyn Heights, I wrote up a holiday gift guide with some of my favorite natural beauty items we carry at the store.

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24 July 2013

WIKD: Titanium Dioxide

Titanium Dioxide, one of the top fifty “chemicals” produced worldwide.

On the label it is otherwise known as: 1385RN 59; 1700 WHITE; 234DA; 500HD; 63B1 WHITE; A 200 (PIGMENT) ; A 330 (PIGMENT) ; A-FIL; A-FIL CREAM; A-FN 3; AEROLYST 771

What is it? – A naturally ocurring mineral; the greatest covering and tinting powder of any white pigment used in nail, bath, and makeup products with white coloring; also used as an opacifier.

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16 July 2013

Why You Should Hire a Professional Makeup Artist for Your Wedding Day

I know there are a lot of wedding DIYers out there, and I salute you; those invitations were adorable, the handcrafted details throughout  are charming, and let’s face it, the props you have picked out for your photobooth are pretty much awesome.  Kudos!  However, pretty please really consider if you want to do extend the spirit of DIY into your own makeup on your wedding day.  

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2 July 2013

A lot of people ask me what brands I use…

As a dedicated cruelty free artist with a natural focus, a lot of people are curious as to what brands I use.

My product selection is an ever evolving process and is the result of reading consumer reviews, reviews from other professionals, and of course the tried and true method of trial and error.

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3 October 2011

Hair & Makeup On Location

Whether you are looking for a visit for professional hair and makeup on location in your home or hotel room, or want to have a beauty experience in my private in home studio in Astoria, we’ve got you covered.

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